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March 07 2014


How to Choose a LoL Boost Service

Elo boosting started to be increasingly popular because many players don't have time or patience to level up. There are many websites which offer the services of professional players and you might be a bit confused which one to pick. Here are some useful tips to guide you through the whole process.

First of all, you should know that getting a LoL boost is simple: you pay a booster for improving your position in the game, you tell them your login information and the booster will increase your position. The purchase process doesn't require any additional skills. You make an order, they will contact you shortly to discuss the details, you pay and they begin to boost your account.

When you are browsing for an LoL boost, you should definitely look for websites that provide a live chat option. This will help you get any information you might need in the fastest time possible. When they aren't online at the moment, you'll be able to leave them a message. If they don't have a chat option, there should be at least a contact form. If the site doesn't have any of those, it would be better to avoid it.

Look for boosting services that give many details about their work. Very simple webpages that don't provide any valuable information could be a scam. The best boosting services have very comprehensive sites, which are neat and offer descriptions of their work.

Some websites display the LoL identity of their boosters by providing links and their relevant LoL bio and experience in the field. If you' like a more personal approach, you can contact one of those boosters. It's recommended to look for websites that seem to be active. For example, if the website has a 'News' page or a blog that hasn't been updated for more than a year, you should probably look further.

A key factor will of course be the price you'll have to pay to purchase levels and to have a top player playing on your account. All reliable websites have a price calculator. You can find out in an instant how much you have to pay for the desired results. The price calculator features two categories: your current rank (league, division, server) and the desired outcome (league, division).

A LoL boost service is not difficult to find as there are many people dedicated to playing LoL on a very advanced level. Some are really earning a living by playing this game and you should approach them to give you a hand as well.

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